HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Weigh-To-Go! has RE-OPENED!! Although we no longer dispense controlled medications such as phentermine, other effective medications are available and effective alone or in combination with others, which will meet your needs in a more balanced and tailored manner.

We now operate 4 days a week, from Tuesday through Friday, in Salisbury only. All patients at all centers, regardless of location, are automatically enrolled at the Salisbury location. Unfortunately, we have closed locations at Concord, Albemarle, and Thomasville, effective September 14, 2018.

If you have been treated at our other centers, you now have more days available with which to plan your visits, and we are hopeful that this will defray the inconvenience to some degree. We realize that many may choose not to continue with us, but if not, we hope for your best, and we advise you to continue your best eating habits we have tried to teach you, because weight loss is all in the foods you eat.

We are hopeful that the changes outlined above will result in better access to us, and weight loss and control that will be no less effective than before, and we expect them to assist you as you build on your success.

If you are a NEW PATIENT, we really look forward to helping you this new year. Please call, or reach out by Facebook, or e-mail us. You will be glad you did.

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We are pleased to announce that we now have the ability to send appointment reminder texts. Please let one of our staff know if you would like to receive texts from Weigh To Go.

If you have never been here, we can schedule you an appointment for any day of the week, depending on the location, and we have appointment slots open throughout the day.  Your first appointment will take about two hours or slightly more. 

From the initial visit to your complete program walk through, Weigh To Go! is here to help you.
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221 Jake Alexander Blvd., South
Salisbury, NC 28147
Phone: 704.216.0229